Rooftop Bar & Dining
Rooftop Bar & Dining
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World Class Cocktails
World-Class Cocktails01/04
Explore flavors from across Scotland and sensory expressions from around the globe. Discover your perfect serve at the 1820 cocktail bar in Edinburgh.
Locally Sourced Cuisine
Locally-Sourced Cuisine02/04
Enjoy locally-sourced Scottish cuisine and inventive whisky dinners conceived by culinary artists and whisky masters.
Rooftop bar03/04
In the mood for world-class cocktails on a rooftop bar? Enjoy these and more atop our historic landmark building.
Breath Taking Views
Breath Taking Views04/04
Enjoy views of Edinburgh's skyline, historic old town and famous Edinburgh castle.
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1820 Rooftop Bar And Dining Experiences
1820 Rooftop Bar And Dining Experiences

1820 Rooftop Bar and Dining Experiences

Overlooking Edinburgh Castle, flooded with natural daylight, radiating warmth and exquisite style. 1820, our rooftop bar in Edinburgh, is the ideal spot for a tranquil interlude. Guests can take their morning coffee by the vast windows, drop in midday for meals and refreshments, or enjoy an expertly crafted cocktail in the evening. Our rooftop bar and restaurant in Edinburgh offers world-class cocktails and dining with breath-taking views of Edinburgh's skyline and historic old town. Our evolving bartender-created drinks menus include delicious non-alcoholic options as well.

Private Dining
Private Dining

Private Dining

If you are passionate about whisky and exceptional cuisine, you’ll enjoy unforgettable whisky dinners and luncheons in our Blue Label Room with some of the best views of Edinburgh. Relax while you savor locally-sourced Scottish specialties paired with carefully hand-selected whiskies. As you relish in each progressive pairing, you’ll be led through a sensory journey into the inspiration behind each element of your remarkable meal.

Explorers Bothy Whisky Bar (1) Explorers Bothy Whisky Bar (1)
Explorers' Bothy Whisky Bar

Looking for the most sought-after whiskies? Discover Explorers’ Bothy whisky bar at Johnnie Walker Princes Street.

Johnnie Walker's
Journey of Flavour
Johnnie Walker's
Journey of Flavour

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