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About The Partnership

Johnnie Walker and Devereux Golf drop the first ever capsule collection to celebrate a new era for a timeless duo - Scotch & Golf. Pay homage to tradition of the past while embracing the energy of the future with The Johnnie Walker Golf collection. Grab your clubs and join us as we make golf straight up more fun. Shop the limited edition collection while supplies last


Devereux is a cultural golf brand founded in 2013 by brothers, Robert and Will Brunner, whose aim is to bring a fresh take to the stale world of golf. As golf culture evolves, and younger more diverse players engage in the game, Devereux is committed to offering apparel and accessories that cater to them - both from a style perspective and price point. Devereux’s apparel represents the ever-welcomed melding of streetwear and golf; a combination that inspired the brand to move away from the country club scene and embrace the freedom to create quality clothing and accessories for the kind of golf we like; the kind where you untuck your shirt, wear your hat backwards and leave your belt at home.

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