Whiskey Old Fashioned Recipe
Whiskey Old Fashioned Recipe
The Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail that never goes out of style. With its perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, it's a drink that any whiskey lover should try.

How to make an Old Fashioned Drink.


    Mix 1.5oz Johnnie Walker, 0.5oz 1:1 Simple Syrup and 2 dashes Aromatic Bitters in an ice-filled glass. Stir well. For the syrup, heat equal amounts of sugar and water in a pan until the sugar dissolves.

  2. Serve

    Pour into a tumbler over ice. Go for one large cube, an ice ball or several small cubes.

  3. Finish

    Twist a piece of orange zest over the glass to release the aromatic oils.

  4. Garnish

    Finish with orange peel and toasted rosemary or a blood orange wedge.

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