Whisky Retail
Explore a truly modern whisky shopping experience with unique features and a bottle your own experience.
Private Events
Johnnie Walker Princes Street provides stunning settings for every event imaginable. Our team is dedicated to creating exceptional events for a wide range of clients and ensuring that your occasion is truly unforgettable.
Plan Your Visit
We look forward to welcoming you when we open our doors opening 6th September 2021. Find out more about our location in Edinburgh city centre to help plan your future visit.

6th September 2021

34 days

*Open date subject to licence grant and visitor terms & conditions.

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Johnnie Walker
Next Steps Initiative
Johnnie Walker
Next Steps Initiative
When it comes to sustainability, we believe inaction is not an
option. We’re taking positive steps forward in pursuit of a
brighter tomorrow. Keep Walking.

Stride into our world

Join our community of whisky explorers and stride into the world of Johnnie
Walker as we open the doors of our home on 6th September 2021*.

*Open date subject to licence grant and visitor terms & conditions.

Thank You For Choosing To Make Every Sip a Story.

This is just the first step to a whole new whisky experience. We're glad to have you on board. Keep walking.


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