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Johnnie Walker
Gold Label Reserve


Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is a sumptuous and creamy whisky, with notes of vanilla and dark fruit – a glorious homage to the perfect partnership of Speyside and Highland whiskies, with just a hint of West Coast smoulder. An exceptional blend for when you've got real cause to indulge and a wonderful gift for someone special.


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    Opening with the sweet, enticing scent of honey – made characterful by subtle hints of more woody notes.


    Developing on the tongue – layers of vibrant and tropical fruit, with a distinct creamy vanilla flavour.


    Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve brings together all the moreish golden flavours in one sensationally long, lingering finish.


Find a new way to enjoy your favourite Johnnie Walker whisky by exploring our whisky cocktails. Serve a measure of Scotch over ice, topped up with soda for a refreshing and universally popular Highball. Try your hand at a moreish, homemade Whisky Sour.

There's no end to the list of incredible combinations that can be made, so get creative with a bottle of Johnnie Walker and your preferred mixers, or have a look at our suggestions below.


Whisky liquid

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is created using award-winning whiskies – including fruity Highland Malts and lighter Speyside Malts for sweetness and spice, combined with those from the Scottish islands for our signature smoky finish.

Discover the best ways to enjoy Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve with our How to Drink Whisky guide.



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