Johnnie Walker Explorers' Bothy

The Explorers’ Bothy Bar

Come experience STIR, an exclusive new collaboration launching with two Michelin-starred team James & Maria Close to combine world-class cocktails with innovative cuisine.


Exclusive to our Explorers’ Bothy bar, this must-try tasting experience serves exceptional whisky cocktails alongside small pairing plates crafted and created by two Michelin Star chefs James and Maria Close of the renowned Raby Hunt restaurant.


Be the first to enjoy these incredible flavour combinations and have your senses stirred.

Open now, Wednesday - Saturday, 5.30pm-8.30pm (last sitting) at the Explorers' Bothy Bar on the top floor of Johnnie Walker Princes Street. Menu is subject to change.

Venison Tartare Min Compressed
Glenkinchie | Beef tartare | Hedgerow Aquavit
Aguachile Oyster Min Compressed
Clynelish | Aguachile Oyster | Coastline Amaro
Green Apple Cremeux Min1 Min Compressed
Cardhu | Green Apple Cremeux | Sparkling Orchard Wine
Fromage Blanc Flatbread Min Compressed
Caol Ila | Fromage Blanc Flatbread | Cliff Edge Vermouth
Tostada Of Prawn JWPS Explorers Bothy
Johnnie Walker Princes Street Spring Blend | Tostada of Prawn | Watermelon Verjus Spritz
Dark Chocolate Tart Min Compressed (1)
Singleton of Glen Ord | Dark Chocolate Tart | Malted Sour Ale

Locally-sourced foods from our world class chefs

Explorers’ Bothy offers the most sought-after whiskies from across Scotland, with over 150 special bottles and one of a kind cask editions on offer. A pre-booked whisky tasking experience by day and public whisky themed bar by night, you will be taken on a journey to explore and discover new lifelong favourites or bespoke tailor-made whisky cocktails in Edinburgh. Treat your tastebuds and visit us for delicious drams, cocktails and accompaniments with a twist. Explore our luxurious food menu served in the Explorers' Bothy bar. From land and sea to herbivorous, we can cater for dietary requirements and expertly pair your dishes with the perfect drink.

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Whiskies you won't find anywhere else

Whether it's to relax and unwind or gear up for your night ahead, the Explorers' Bothy is just the place to do it. With whiskies you can't get anywhere else in the world, it just so happens you can do both at Johnnie Walker Princes Street, with views of Edinburgh’s New Town.







If you're eager to appraise the liquid landscape of Scotland within the historic environs of Edinburgh, our rooftop beckons. Led by one of our whisky specialists in our Explorers' Bothy bar, this sensory experience offers a curated exploration of Scottish whiskies, each matured a minimum of 12 years. You'll taste beautiful single malts from Islay, the Highlands, and Speyside, before savouring a rare, Johnnie Walker Princes Street-exclusive Lowland grain whisky.

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Your flavour adventure culminates in a revelatory experience of Johnnie Walker Black Label, representing all of Scotland in a single dram.



Stride into our world

Join our community of whisky explorers and stride into the world of Johnnie Walker Princes Street.

Thank You For Choosing To Make Every Sip a Story.

This is just the first step to a whole new whisky experience. We're glad to have you on board. Keep walking.


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