Launched in June 2019, Johnnie Walker Black Label Origin Series is a limited-edition series of Scotch whiskies, celebrating the unique characteristics of Scotland’s four whisky-making regions – Speyside, Highlands, Islay and Lowlands.

Each pack includes a Scottish whisky map that highlights the region the Scotch came from alongside interesting facts and trivia relating to that part of the country, making Johnnie Walker Black Label Origin Series the whiskies for adventurers looking to explore the wide arrays of flavour Scotland has to offer.

From the four corners of Scotland

Of the four different editions available, three are blended using exclusively exemplary single malts from some of the world’s most famous distilleries, and a further edition brings together the highest quality single malt and grain whiskies.

Speyside Origin

Johnnie Walker Black Label Speyside Origin is crafted exclusively from single malts from the Speyside area. A light, fruity whisky with hints of green apples and orchard fruit, Speyside Origin uses the single malts of the Cardhu and Glendullan distilleries at its core.

Founded by Helen Cumming in 1811, Cardhu is the first distillery founded by a woman, and when it was sold to John Walker & Sons in 1893 we ensured that its single malt whisky kept its smooth, sweet and mellow character and continued to be produced to exceptionally high standards.

Glendullan produces a single malt with a fruity, grassy character, the result of long fermentation in a mix of wood and steel and a slow distillation process. Starting life in 1897, it was built by broker William Williams, with a second distillery built next door in 1972 to meet demand.

Highlands Origin

Johnnie Walker Black Label Highlands Origin is blended solely using single malts from the Scottish Highlands, with whisky from Clynelish and Teaninich at its heart and rich, nutty, dark fruit flavours bursting with character.

The Clynelish distillery was established in 1819 by the Marquess of Stafford, and produces a coastal whisky with a crisp, floral flavour using water from the Clynemilton Burn.

A truly unique single malt is produced at the Teaninich distillery, as the use of a hammer and mill mash filter (the only one operational in a Scottish malt distillery) produces ultra-clear wort, which in turn lends the single malts their fragrant, exotic grassy character with a distinct oiliness added from fat stills.

Islay Origin

Made exclusively from exceptional single malts from Islay distilleries, including Lagavulin and Caol Ila, Johnnie Walker Black Label Islay Origin has a slight spice and warming maritime smokiness to it, with the distinct flavour of Scotland’s Island region.

Lagavulin produces a complex malt with a rich, peaty character. Founded in 1816 as the first legal distillery at Lagavulin, and situated on the beautiful Lagavulin Bay, this distillery uses peated malt, slow distillation and long maturation to give its whisky its distinctive taste.

Established in 1846 by Glasgow distillery owner Hector Henderson, Caol Ila distillery produces a fine, smoky whisky on a remote location of the eastern coast, still using barley malted locally at Port Ellen like it did more than 100 years ago.

Lowlands Origin

With a character of sweet, creamy vanilla and toffee notes, Johnnie Walker Black Label Lowlands Origin is made from a variety of single malt and grain whiskies from Lowlands distilleries including Glenkinchie and Cameronbridge.

The Glenkinchie distillery produces a subtle, floral flavoured single malt with a fresh creamy taste. Founded in 1825 by farmers John and George Rate, the distillery was later rebuilt with complete houses for workers, a bowling green and the largest wash in the industry. A single cast-iron worm tub cools the spirit, giving the whisky greater character and depth.

Cameronbridge distillery was founded in 1824 and is the largest grain distillery in Europe. Producing the liquid for the Cameron Brig single whisky, it also has prominence as the provider of the David Beckham/Diageo single grain brand Haig Club.

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