Keep Walking Proudly


From day one, Johnnie Walker has had one priority: moving forward.

You could say progress is a part of our DNA, it's why KEEP WALKING has been our mantra for more than two decades. From continually improving the craft and innovation of our delicious whiskies, to being part of people's personal celebrations and milestones, to our new commitment to supporting societal progress. Today KEEP WALKING is about helping move us all forward, to a world where everyone is accepted, welcomed and celebrated.

For Mardi Gras and World Pride, Keep Walking Proudly is more than just the words it embodies. It’s a celebration of those bold enough to step off the well trodden path creating new paths for us all to follow. That’s why we’re using our platforms to celebrate all identities. So that however you identify; whether it’s by who you love or who you don’t, by one gender, a blend, or none at all, by a word that already exists or something new entirely, you are inspired to Keep Walking Proudly.

And the first step is to show Pride for Every Walker.

Our Proud Walkers

230108 Johnnie Walker Pride PORTRAIT Blume
Hailing from Melbourne, Blume has been taking over Tik-Tok lately for telling their story and educating viewers on what it means to be intersex. Blume says they identify as non-binary, intersex but mainly identify as their 'glorious wonderful self'.
230108 Johnnie Walker Pride PORTRAIT Starley
After going platinum in over 30 countries including the US and 4x platinum in Australia with her iconic debut track “Call On Me,” Starley officially exploded onto the pop scene – and she has no intention of slowing down. She’s toured with the likes of Katy Perry and Clean Bandit, supported Cher at the Sydney Mardi Gras, and has written songs like “Love is Love” to share personal and liberating truths about the many shapes love can take.
230108 Johnnie Walker Pride PORTRAIT Gflip
G Flip surely needs no introduction – but let’s give it a shot. This ubiquitous, multi-instrumentalist has been playing drums since the age of nine. Since, then, they’ve exploded onto Australia’s music scene, leading the way with proud steps in singing, song writing, producing and performance, throughout which they highlight and celebrate their identity.
230108 Johnnie Walker Pride PORTRAIT Cubsport
Cub Sport
As Brisbane based pop group Cub Sport has evolved as artists, and vocalists Tim and Sam have developed their relationship, their listeners have been able to be a part of their queer journey with every release. The band's upcoming album, Jesus at the Gay Bar is a powerful and joyful reinvention, featuring anthemic ode to queer love, "Always got the Love" - and there's no better time to blast in than right now.
230108 Johnnie Walker Pride PORTRAIT Mikeynolan
Mikey Nolan
The gold at the end of the Rainbouu. Mikey Nolan is the founder of Double Rainbouu, the inclusive fashion label famous for giving Hawaiian shirts a much needed revamp. With his bold, colourful designs defining Aussie beach experiences everywhere.
230108 Johnnie Walker Pride PORTRAIT Sabrina
Sabrina Frederick
Sabrina Frederick not only proudly walks – she proudly runs, jumps and kicks for Collingwood Football Club. She and her wife Lili recently introduced their beautiful bundle of joy, Florence into the world.
230108 Johnnie Walker Pride PORTRAIT Victoriaanthony
Victoria Anthony
It is said the sunshine takes human form in drag DJ Victoria Anthony. Victoria has become one of Sydney's most sought after DJ's, winning the Transgender Industry Variety Award (DIVA) for Most Popular DJ two years running and multiple title wins at Miss Trans Australia.
230108 Johnnie Walker Pride PORTRAIT Alexastronaut
Astronauts are famous for ‘one small step’, but Alex has been proudly taking big steps in the Australian folk music scene. Her hit song ‘Not Worth Hiding’ is described as a letter to her 16 years-old self – released at the time of Turnbull’s same-sex marriage referendum, the track became an anthem for self-acceptance.
230108 Johnnie Walker Pride PORTRAIT Caroline
Caroline Elisabeth Cull
The Ace up the film industry’s sleeve. Caroline is a film producer, actor, writer and advocate who wears their ace colours loud and proud for all to see. They fight for better representation of aces in mainstream media, including script consultancy, working on the US feature film ‘Dear Luke, Love, Me” and developing a TV series which will stand to be a world first in Asexual representation.