Smoke with the volume
turned up
Keep Walking Man
Smoke with the volume
turned up

The flavour

  1. Smell

    Delicious scents of sweet smoke and cloves.

  2. Taste

    Rich with raisins, fresh apples and a tropical orange, refined with peaty notes and creamy vanilla.

  3. Finish

    Wonderfully long, warming finish with smouldering spice and smokiness.

About this blend

Johnnie Walker Double Black was created by Master Blender Jim Beveridge as a darker, smokier interpretation of the world famous Johnnie Walker Black Label. Though it may be a relatively recent addition to the range, Johnnie Walker Double Black is already a classic. This whisky pairs nicely with beef jerky or pork crackling.

Serving suggestion

Johnnie Walker Double Black in a Chilled glass with a BIG ice cube

30ml Johnnie Walker Double Black
1 BIG ice cube
Chilled glass
Approx. 1 standard drink

Food Pairing
Beef jerky or pork crackling

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