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The flavour

  1. Smell

    Wonderfully mellow and smoky, rounded with the sweetness of raisins.

  2. Taste

    A velvety combination of vanilla and zesty orange paired with notes of hazelnut, sherry and dark chocolate.

  3. Finish

    Luxuriously long, warming, smoky finish.

About this blend

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is inspired by Alexander Walker’s 1867 Old Highland Whisky. It was at the forefront of an era when fewer casks were available and quality cask selection was in its infancy. This blend contains rare, mature Malt and Grain Scotch Whiskies that present a multi-layered symphony of flavours, supple and balanced with notes of chocolate, hints of grass and malt. It’s finish of floral, spice, smoke and honey results in a unique and satisfying sipping experience. Best savoured neat with the palate cleansed and cooled by iced water, accompanied by scorched almonds. An extraordinary whisky to receive and a discerning choice of gift when you want to make a special occasion truly exceptional and a memorable.

Serving suggestion

Johnnie Walker Blue and Fresh water on the side

The best way to serve Johnnie Walker Blue Label:
30ml Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Big chilled glass
Fresh water on the side
Approx. 1 standard drink

Food Pairing
Scorched almonds and / or creamy blue cheese

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