The classic whisky
& cola
Keep Walking Man
The classic whisky
& cola

The flavour

  1. Smell

    Cinnamon and vanilla with spicy citrus undertones.

  2. Taste

    The delicious depth of 35 malts and grain whiskies that make up Johnnie Walker Red Label blended with a crafted cola for a full flavoured refreshing taste.

  3. Finish

    Sweet and lingering.

Johnnie & Classic Cola Facts

Johnnie Walker & Classic Cola (ABV 4.6% 1.3 standard drinks) is available to purchase from liquor retailers around the country. Cans (375ml) are available in packs of six for a RRP of $24.99 and packs of ten for a RRP of $37.99.

Johnnie Walker & Classic Cola Premium Serve (ABV 6.5% 1.9 standard drinks) cans are available in packs of four for a RRP of $21.99.

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How is our whisky made?

Follow the whisky making process from barley to bottle and see how it affects the flavor.

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