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Our Whisky Gifts

Explore our exceptional range of blended Scotch whiskies, from our classic Johnnie Walker Colours to our special John Walker & Sons releases. Each one is its own class of extraordinary.


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Johnnie Walker Red Label

The pioneer blend that introduced Johnnie Walker to the world. Extremely versatile with universal appeal, its bold, smoky character breaks through even when mixed.

Learn more about Johnnie Walker Red Label.

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Johnnie Walker Double Black

Our intensely smoky blend inspired by the legendary Black Label. Influenced by peaty West Coast and Islay single malts, this blend takes smoke and smoldering spices to new levels.

Learn more about Johnnie Walker Double Black.

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Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years

An indulgent blend crafted from Scotland’s finest smooth and complex 18 year-old whiskies, each hand-selected by Master Blender Jim Beveridge.

Learn more about Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years.

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Johnnie Walker Island Green

A dynamic interpretation of our Johnnie Walker Green Label crafted using only Single Malt whiskies from right across Scotland – all the character of single malt with a richer flavour experience.

Learn more about Johnnie Walker Island Green.

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John Walker & Sons

Our John Walker & Sons range is an exclusive series of blends created to celebrate great achievements and historic milestones.

Discover more about our John Walker & Sons whiskies.

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Johnnie Walker Black Label

The benchmark for all other deluxe whisky brands. Crafted with whiskies aged for a minimum of 12 years, resulting in a smooth, smoky flavour that is unmistakably Johnnie Walker.

Learn more about Johnnie Walker Black Label.

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Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

Our creamy blend of Speyside and Highland whiskies with a touch of West Coast embers. Renowned for its delicate honey notes, and gentle ‘oak and smoke’ finish.

Learn more about Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve.

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Johnnie Walker Green Label

Our unique blend of four matured malt whiskies: Speyside, Highland, Lowland and the Scottish Islands, with a depth of flavour not found in any one, single malt.

Learn more about Johnnie Walker Green Label.

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Our award-winning blend of the rarest, most exceptional whiskies in Scotland. A remarkable signature taste – rich and smoky, with velvety smooth breaking waves of powerful flavour.

Learn more about Johnnie Walker Blue Label.


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Take a look at our limited releases of Johnnie Walker whiskies – the perfect gift to mark a truly momentous occasion.


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It’s the attention to detail that makes all the difference. Show that special person how much you care by customising your Johnnie Walker Whisky gift with a personalised label or engraved message.