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Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Gift Packs

The festive season is made for sharing good times, good company and, of course, good whisky. It’s also a great time to reflect on the year that’s been, and an opportunity to show our appreciation to those who walk with us - with the perfect whisky gift.

This festive season, we’ve created a series of limited-edition packs for each of our iconic, award-winning blends. Our stunning designs reflect the character of the whiskies they represent. The bold, vibrant character of Johnnie Walker Red Label and its fresh and lively flavours are expressed in energetic red and gold illustrations. For Johnnie Walker Double Black, powerful curves and rich hues represent the layers of vanilla and peat smoke found in the intense whisky.

Deep greens and golden tones embody the rich flavour and perfect balance that Johnnie Walker Green Label is renowned for, while bold, shimmering illustrations bring to life the vibrant, indulgent and creamy smoothness of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve. And the intricate design of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label edition is inspired by the rarity of the whisky; blue hues bring to life waves of rich, vibrant flavour and hint at its remarkable depth of character.

Celebrate the year gone by with a limited-edition gift pack of Johnnie Walker – perfect for the moments that mean more.

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