"Johnnie Walker® Aged 18 Years is an indulgent blend of up to 18 different whiskies each chosen for their remarkable depth of flavour and character and was previously known as Johnnie Walker Platinum Label. The new name and luxury packaging celebrate the blend's credentials as the best 18-year-old blended Scotch whisky ever created by Johnnie Walker. It is hand-crafted by Jim Beveridge – twice voted Master Blender of the Year – who sought out the ultimate combination of complex and smooth 18-year-old whiskies drawn from the main whisky producing regions of Scotland. “The great whiskies I’ve chosen for this blend have matured through at least 18 cold winters and warm summers. It’s a long time to wait, but it’s worth it.” "


Enjoy Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years in any way you like - on its own, over ice or with a dash of water.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label Signature Serve in a tumbler
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    Add 45 ml of Johnnie Walker® Aged 18 Years to a tumbler glass with or without ice cubes


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Whisky liquid

Johnnie Walker® Aged 18 Years blends big, classic Johnnie Walker flavours with intriguing contemporary notes of citrus and fragrant almonds. Initially sweet with a warm vanilla undercurrent and a suggestion of tangerines, it moves smoothly over the palate into a nutty, malty dryness before a long finish brings elegant suggestions of soft charcoal smokiness and a beautifully fading citrus zest.


PawelLimitedEdition VAP&Rigid  0000 JWF17 Rigid Platinum Render Front

Johnnie Walker Limited Artist Edition Platinum Label 18 crafted by Pawel Nolbert

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In times gone by, whiskies were set aside by Johnnie Walker master blenders for the purpose of making ‘private blends’. These were extra special blends given as personal gifts in acknowledgement of an exceptional relationship. Whether for customer, employee, business partner or friend, they were highly prized by those who received them. The spirit of them lives on in Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years, an exquisitely-crafted blend for the 21st Century that draws inspiration from the richness of the past.

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