The Game of Thrones Inspired Whisky: White Walker by Johnnie Walker


In collaboration with HBO® and Game of Thrones, the makers of Johnnie Walker unveiled White Walker by Johnnie Walker.

The limited-edition Scotch Whisky is inspired by the most enigmatic and feared characters in the hit TV series, the White Walkers. Fans gathered around the world to take part in celebrating the final season of Game of Thrones.

In the highly acclaimed series, the Night King leads the undead army – the White Walkers, who are portrayed with piercing blue eyes emerging from the Frozen North, bearing the chill of winter. White Walker by Johnnie Walker is the limited-edition whisky gift that evokes this icy world.

The limited-edition White Walker whisky was carefully crafted by whisky specialist George Harper, alongside the Johnnie Walker team of expert blenders.

Hidden externally on the bottle is a secret message that requires you to freeze to reveal, enhancing the element of best served when frozen. Once the temperature is just right the message, “Winter is Here” is revealed, echoing the chilling presence of the White Walkers. To bring this element of the bottle to life required a temperature-sensitive ink technology.

In alliance with the Game of Thrones HBO series, designers diligently created the bottle utilising the world of White Walkers as core inspiration, leading you to the heart of the Frozen North with a bold white and blue design. The iconic Johnnie Walker Striding Man is also transformed fashioned in armour to fit among the ranks of the Night King’s forces.

Blender George Harper stated the Frozen North was the initial starting point when creating White Walker by Johnnie Walker carefully selecting Clynelish as the base of the whisky where long winters are endured similar to the Night’s Watch venturing north of the wall.

To awaken the flavours of the Frozen North, White Walker by Johnnie Walker features Single Malts from one of Scotland’s most Northern distilleries, Clynelish and Cardhu. The whisky blend carries notes of caramelised sugar and vanilla, fresh red berries with a touch of orchard fruit opening new doors for Johnnie Walker in including a sweeter element to the iconic smoky whisky.

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