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Johnnie Walker
Blue Label
Year Of The OX
Limited Edition

Johnnie Walker Blue Label introduces our annual Lunar New Year Limited Edition, designed with a golden foiled ox mascot and gold ingot, symbolizing wealth, prosperity and taste.

The Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Chinese New Year design is the perfect whisky gift to wish colleagues and close friends a prosperous start to the new year and to mark the beginning of 2021’s Spring Festival. Crafted with a design to inspire people to think about the future in a positive and optimistic way – a gift that offers people hope for the coming year.

A blend of our rarest whiskies, with only 1 in 10,000 of the eight millions casks in our reserves deemed to contain whisky of sufficient character to deliver the remarkably smooth signature taste.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is great enjoyed with a sip of iced water to prepare your palate, followed by a sip of whisky.

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Inspired by new aged Chinese couture of traditional patterns, fabric and fashion, John Walker & Sons King George V introduces a new Chinese New Year limited edition, creating a unique take from modern fashion luxury.

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Have you tried Johnnie Walker Blue Label? An unrivalled masterpiece made from some of Scotland’s rarest and most exceptional whiskies. An extraordinary choice for extraordinary occasions.