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John Walker & Sons
XR 21

John Walker & Sons XR 21 is crafted using an extremely rare three-stage blending method reserved from our most exclusive whiskies, all aged at least 21 years.

Johnnie Walker with one of its exclusive blends John Walker & Sons XR 21, symbolising the rich heritage and legacy that John Walker passed on to his successors since 1820.

The exceptional blend, containing whiskies aged for a minimum of 21 years, including some from the now silent distillery Port Dundas, built in 1811 at the highest point in the city of Glasgow.

6249688 JW XR 21 ANGLE

Assured, balanced and elegant, it has intriguing layers of intensity that are both surprising and delightful. Sweet honey and tempered spices come cloaked in warming smoke. Citrus zest, ripened tropical fruits and caramel swirl within hints of tobacco and raisins. The long, smooth, soothing finish is complex and fascinating - a myriad of influences played out over a subtle tapestry of peatiness.

Enjoy John Walker & Sons XR 21 year old in any way you like, but we recommend taking it neat. Add 45 ml to a whisky tumbler and accompany with a glass of chilled, freshly-siphoned soda water.