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To celebrate 200 years since John Walker started our journey, we’re letting our icon off the leash with a fashion-inspired, limited edition design, creating bold new bottle designs for our most iconic whiskies – Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve. The timeless whisky inside the bottle remain unchanged. The cutting-edge design is available for a limited time only. An impressive gift for someone who appreciates good whisky or is seeking to try something new. If you’re looking for quality gift ideas, your search is over.

Johnnie Walker began its pioneering history in 1820 when young John Walker used the money from the sale of the family farm to set up a grocer’s shop. Most grocers stocked single malts but they were inconsistent. John started blending the whiskies together so it tasted just as good every time. New generations of the family developed the whisky until 1909 when Johnnie Walker Red Label and Black Label were born. The leading illustrator of the day sketched a logo and the Striding Man was created. Today, Johnnie Walker is the leading whisky brand and its slogan has been embraced across the globe as a bold expression of optimism – Keep Walking.