Keep Walking – This is the true essence of Johnnie Walker.

It embodies our desire for progress, the fuel to tackle adversity, and joy of unfiltered optimism.

This essence continues to Keep Walking into this era, transforming an outlook into an aspiration for the world.

As such, Johnnie Walker Black Label marches on, taking its complex classic flavor towards the future – concocting a Highball that captures its limitless potential.

So, no matter where you’re from, you can strive to leave footprints worth following, and Keep Walking.

Walkers Who Walk Their Path

Keep Walking isn’t the simple act of marching forward,
It’s how each step takes us closer to actualizing ourselves.

It’s to be dissatisfied with the status quo,
And turning that into a compelling motivator for growth.

The boldness to express, the boldness to create real change,
– that’s what it takes to be a Walker.

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The Classy Walker

ft. Antonio Lai

Step into the story of Antonio, a world-class, local mixologist.

Discover how Johnnie Highball ignited his passion and inspired him to overcome the adversity he faced.

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The Unlimited Walkers

ft.Lorenzo Coppola & Lorenzo Antinori

From the West comes the footprints of Lorenzo Coppola (Zuma Hong Kong Bar Manager) and Lorenzo Antinori (Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong Beverage Manager).

Through their eyes, they see a different HK nighttime and a different Johnnie Highball. What they see is filled with vibrant colors, and traverses beyond borders and identities.

If you’re willing to take a single step, you’ll realize that the world is filled with limitless potential.

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The New Gen Walkers

ft.Taki & Jo & Yvonne

Taki, Jo Lo and Yvonne Chan, a new generation of mixologists takes a shot at redefining mixology.

Injecting rhythm and pacing to their interpretation of Johnnie Highball, these Walkers aspire to light up the night in their own unique ways.