The striking outline of a heart is at the centre of the piece, whilst within the layers of his art, are symbols of Johnnie Walker’s characteristics and icons such as visual representations of the flavours and aromas expressed with abstract florals and bee. A subtle but distinct glimpse of wood is also used to symbolise the casks which the whisky is aged in, while a silhouette of a pair of faces expresses the depth of a relationship when gifting from the heart.

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The Johnnie Walker Limited-Edition Gift Box with Riedel & Japanese Artist TAXA

Give the gift of precious depth to those who matter most and take them on a journey of two distinctive characteristics

Johnnie Walker Blue Label has partnered with glassmaker Riedel and urban artist Taxa to create a limited-edition gift box which creates unity between the trio’s pursuit of fine craft.

The beautifully designed gift box houses two of Riedel’s finest glasses carefully selected to pair with Johnnie Walker Blue Label, allowing the extraordinary whisky to be experienced in two very different ways - one bold, and one harmonious.

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The first vessel in the gift box is The Spirits glass designed to bring out an elegant harmony of floral aromas and elegant sweetness of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. The elegant slim, flute-shaped bowl creates a very small evaporation surface, tempering the alcohol and the stringency of the palate and emphasizing the bouquet.


The flavours of Johnnie Walker Blue Label are a finely balanced blend of contrasts and an exquisite paradox. The second vessel in the gift box is The Neat glass, specially crafted to enhance the bold sensory journey of Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s rich, fiery spice and dark chocolate aromas followed by a dry, powerful finish.


A highlight of gift box is the custom artwork by award-winning Japanese artist Taxa. Known for his urban murals taking over walls and buses across Hong Kong. Taxa created this magnificent art piece inspired by Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s unrivalled depth and what gift-giving means to him. He based the artwork around the two concepts of the heart, and the ocean. The artist explains:

“When I think of gifting, it’s important that I do it with thoughts from my heart. The human heart is deep and when I think about that special person, my thoughts reach down to the deepest part. The ocean is also like the human heart, it is deep and ever-changing with different emotions. Just like people, no two waves are alike”

Give the gift of precious depth with this remarkable curation of unparalleled masterpieces.

The limited-edition gift set will be offered upon purchasing 1 bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label (75cl) at all major alcohol retailers in Hong Kong while stock lasts.