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The depth of blended scotch with the delicious taste of classic cola. The Johnnie Walker Master Blenders know how to bring out the best of Scotch. Crafted from the spicy notes of Red Label, Johnnie & Cola combines our original whisky blend with the classic cola taste we all love. This handcrafted recipe has the depth of 35 malts and grain, yielding a bold favour that’s made for the weekend.

Whether catching up with friends or unwinding for the day, Johnnie & Cola is the ultimate compliment to a great night in, or out. With its perfectly balanced flavour of Red Label whisky crafted with cola, it's the perfect drink to say cheers to old friends and new beginnings. 

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Johnnie & Cola Facts:

Johnnie & Cola (ABV 4.6% 1.3 standard drinks) is now available to purchase from liquor retailers around the country. Bottles (345ml) are available in packs of four for an RRP of $19.99; cans (375ml) are available in packs of six for an RRP of $24.99 cans and packs of ten for an RRP of $37.99.
Johnnie & Cola Premium Blend Can (ABV 6.5% 1.9 standard drinks) is available in packs of four for an RRP of $21.99.

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Have you tried Johnnie Walker Red Label? The ideal blend for sophisticated gatherings.