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At our home in Scotland, a team of 12 Johnnie Walker expert blenders are conducting over 100 experiments that push the boundaries of taste and flavour. It’s experiments like these that helped create the icon that is Johnnie Walker Black Label more than a century ago.

Overseen by Jim Beveridge, our Master Blender, this small team continue to explore new flavour combinations and techniques that will excite new and seasoned whisky lovers alike.

Introducing Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch Rum Cask Finish. An experiment that saw the creation of a relaxed and easy-going Scotch.

This batch is a culmination of blender Chris Clark’s experimentation to create a whisky with smooth and spicy flavours. By finishing the whisky in casks which previously held Caribbean pot still rum, he developed a Scotch tingling with layers of exotic fruits, sweetness and a little spice.

A Meeting of Tastes

We gathered the world’s finest flavour experts together in Scotland to help us bring to life the exciting flavours in this new blend. See how Caribbean chef Jason Howard and some of the world’s leading bartenders experimented with Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch Rum Cask Finish to create their own perfect serves.

Steel Drum Cooler

Mix this spicy whisky with pineapple juice and ginger root for a relaxing, easy going drink. 

Here's how to create the perfect serve.

finished serve Steel Drum Cooler


    40ml of Johnnie Walker Blenders' Batch Rum Cask Finish

    20ml of Velvet Falernum

    20ml of lemon juice

    30ml of pineapple juice

    2 inch slice of ginger root

    1 small pinch of sea salt

    20ml of soda



  • I

    Muddle Ginger.

  • II

    Add the first 5 ingredients, and shake.

  • III

    Strain into a highball

  • IV

    Top with Soda.

  • V



    Contains: 1.3 standard drinks