Johnnie Walker XR 21 bottle up close
Keep Walking Man

The flavour

  1. Smell

    Waves of spice give way to vanilla and honey.

  2. Taste

    Caramel and hazelnuts course through dark chocolate.

  3. Finish

    Luxuriously long, warming, smoky finish.

About this blend

Johnnie Walker XR 21 was inspired by the hand-written blending notes of Sir Alexander Walker, the grandson of the legendary Johnnie Walker. It is a luxurious blend from the exclusive reserve of aged casks, including that of the now quiet distillery of Brora.

Serving suggestion

Johnnie Walker Blue and Fresh water on the side

30ml Johnnie Walker XR 21
Big chilled glass
Fresh water on the side
Approx. 1 standard drink

Food Pairing
Iberico thinly sliced ham

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