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Johnnie Walker Red Label is our Pioneer Blend, the versatile one that has introduced our whisky to the world. Crafted from the four corners of Scotland, it crackles with spice and is bursting with vibrant, smoky flavours – followed by a mellow bed of vanilla, a fresh zestiness and the Johnnie Walker signature of a long, lingering, smoky finish.


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    Take in the spark of fresh zest from elegant Speyside and Highland malts in the aromas of our classic Johnnie Walker Red Label. 


    An exotic combination of spicy cinnamon and fresh black pepper, which crackles on the centre of your tongue.


    The flavours developing into a long and smoky finish – the signature of all Johnnie Walker blends.


Whether served with lemon barley soda, blood orange soda, crisp apple kombucha or dry ginger ale - a Johnnie Walker Highball is the perfect drink to share with friends. Tall, vibrant and refreshing tasting, the Highball is an ideal introduction to the world of whisky. Each Highball recipe is perfectly balanced and garnished to bring out the individual flavours of Johnnie Walker.

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Whisky liquid

Johnnie Walker Red Label is a powerful mix of up to 30 malts and grains. It's a combination of light whiskies from Scotland's East Coast and more peaty whiskies from the West, expertly balanced to create an extraordinary depth of flavour.

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JW Black Label 600x338

Have you tried Johnnie Walker Black Label, the iconic blend? Created using only whiskies aged for a minimum of 12 years, it's unmistakably smooth and deep – perfect for sharing with friends.

JW Gold Label 600x338

Have you tried Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve? A luxurious and smooth blend with notes of vanilla and dark fruit – it's ideal for cocktails and moments of celebration.