Johnnie Walker & Classic Cola - FAQ

In August 2017, we made a decision to change the recipe of the cola in our Johnnie Walker & Cola cans.

We thought this would provide a more optimal drinking experience for all of our scotch whisky lovers. However, in the pursuit of progress we admit that this led fans to provide some feedback on the new cola recipe.

Without the voice of our biggest supporters we’d never be able to keep moving forward. For this reason we are bringing back the original taste of Johnnie Walker & Classic Cola.

The handcrafted recipe of Johnnie Walker & Classic Cola is a crowd favourite -it has a perfectly balanced scotch finish, paired with the delicious taste of cola that brings the best out of our pioneer blend- Johnnie Walker Red Label.

Johnnie Walker & Classic Cola in it’s new look can will be available from mid-June.

If you still have more questions we’ve answered a range of questions below.

For all other enquiries please contact

It's Back!

How long will Johnnie Walker & Classic Cola be back for?

As long as our drinkers are continuing to enjoy the classic cola recipe we’ll do our best to make sure Johnnie Walker & Classic Cola 4.6% are stocked on shelves.


Why did we decide to revert back to the classic cola recipe?

We worked through consumer feedback which showed there is still a lot of love for the Johnnie Walker & Classic Cola 4.6% recipe and its iconic smoky taste. For this reason, we decided to bring it back to shelves.


Is the new classic cola recipe actually the same as the original Johnnie Walker & Cola?

The recipe for Johnnie Walker & Classic Cola 4.6% is an exact match to the recipe we sold back in 2017. The only thing that has changed is the design of the new look packaging.


What does this mean for the current recipe of Johnnie Walker & Cola in the grey cans?

With the return of the Johnnie Walker & Classic Cola 4.6%, our grey cans will begin to be phased out of stores Australia-wide immediately.


What does this mean for Johnnie Walker & Cola Premium Serve 6.5%?

With the return of our Johnnie Walker & Classic Cola 4.6%, our Johnnie Walker & Classic Cola Premium Serve 6.5% will be returning to its respective original recipe with new look packaging. The premium serve will be on shelves early July.


What does this mean for Johnnie & Ginger 4.6%?

The taste of our Johnnie & Ginger 4.6% will remain as it currently is, however you will notice it will be re-released with new look packaging under the name Johnnie Walker & Dry 4.6%, so that it has the same premium feel as the rest of the range.


Product Availability

When can you expect Johnnie Walker & Classic Cola 4.6% to be on shelves?

Product has officially left our warehouse and should have begun hitting shelves. However due to the nature of distribution it may take some bottle shops in rural areas a couple of weeks to receive new stock. We’d recommend giving your local bottle shop a call before heading in.


What happens if you can’t find Johnnie Walker & Classic Cola 4.6% cans at your nearest bottle shop?

Whilst product may have left our warehouse it can take a 4-6 weeks to reach your local bottle shop. If you are still having issues getting your hands on the product please contact and our team may be able to help you out.