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Car Advertisement Scam

We have heard from customers who have received emails or seen listings on trade boards offering opportunities to earn money by wrapping their cars with advertisements for the Johnnie Walker brand. Customers are then asked to cash a check (that ultimately bounces) and, in the meantime, send some of their own money on to third parties to cover the "cost" of the car wrap. We can confirm that this is a phishing scam. The Johnnie Walker brand does not carry out any such promotional programs and does not take part in any such activities with third parties.

Johnnie Walker is very concerned that these fraudsters are attempting to dupe our customers and exploit their trust in the Johnnie Walker brand. We take the protection of our customers' rights very seriously and, wherever possible, we take action to try to stop these hoaxes.

Please do not respond to this car advertisement scam. Instead, if you receive a solicitation like this, please let us know at We will forward it to the appropriate authorities, and will take such further action as is possible and appropriate.