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Our Inspiration

John Walker's journey has always been defined by a belief in the power of the next step. But in nearly two centuries of great strides forward, the only one that matters is the one we have yet to take.

The remarkable new steps of an activist who wants to give a voice to those who need to be heard.

The beloved musician and actor speaks out on new roles and his ambitious new steps.

The first cancer survivor to climb Everest didn’t let himself be defined by past tragedies.

Today, the spirit of Johnnie Walker rings true in the men who are defined by where they’re headed instead of where they stand. Their stories have been captured at the HOUSE OF WALKER.

What motivates the founder of Career Gear to give disadvantaged men the tools to succeed.

How the football legend forged a new path forward after a career of epic proportions.

Held in exceptional venues around the globe, The HOUSE OF WALKER is a worldwide toast to the legacy of John Walker and his sons.