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We want you to have a quality experience with our products as well as our website. This page contains answers to commonly-asked questions about Johnnie Walker. Please read through the FAQ, if your question is not answered here, see ‘For any other enquiries’ at the bottom.

Myself or someone I know is a big fan of Johnnie Walker. Is it possible to receive (free) products or merchandise?
It is always great to learn that someone is a fan of our whisky! Unfortunately due to laws that vary per market, we are unable to offer gifts, products or merchandise. We hope you understand.

I have a special, old bottle of Johnnie Walker, how much is it worth?
It is extremely difficult for us to determine what a particular bottle is worth, because it depends on many factors. As a brand we don’t offer valuations but you can search for information through independent sources such as Bonhams or McTears Auctioneers.

I would like Johnnie Walker to sponsor my company, organisation, event or charity, who can I contact?
Thank you for considering Johnnie Walker as a potential sponsor. As you can appreciate, we receive many requests similar to yours each year. With a limited pool of resources with which to work, our decision must be based on the initiatives that best meet the objectives of our brand. In order to assess whether or not your opportunity delivers against these goals please fill out the form that you can download here. A completed form may be sent to the address at the bottom of this page. Please ensure your request is exclusively for people above legal drinking age.

Note that any request without this form, or an incomplete form, will not be considered. In case our marketing team feels your opportunity delivers against our goals, we will be in touch with you.

I have an old bottle of Johnnie Walker, can I still drink it?
Whisky stops maturing once it leaves the barrel, so your whisky hasn’t aged any further since. If stored properly (for example, out of direct sunlight) once opened, you’ll experience the bold flavours of JOHNNIE WALKER whisky. Your friends at Johnnie Walker encourage you to drink responsibly – savour in moderation and remember to designate a driver.

For any other enquiries
Have you read our FAQ and still have an enquiry? Please reach out to us via and we’ll answer your enquiry as soon as we can.