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Mika and Lewis in London


Watch how two Formula One™ World Champions take part in an extraordinary event on the streets of London.

McClaren Forumla One Racing car

To spread the message of Responsible Drinking, Formula One™ legends Mika Hakkinen and Lewis Hamilton set out in two black cabs and conquered the streets of London.

Despite their racing background there were no epic battles on the corner of Hyde Park, or high-speed chases on the M4 into West London. Instead, we got a surprisingly smooth and controlled ride around town.

They sat behind the wheel of the black cabs to highlight the importance of designating a driver when you go out and to celebrate the 'real champions' – the drivers of public transport and taxis that get people home safe after a night out.

"There's nothing wrong with enjoying a night out" Lewis Hamilton said "but just make sure that you get home safely. It's easy to make the call."

Some pictures from the london event