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The House of Johnnie Walker Experience


Join our Master of Whisky for a unique tasting event and elevate your appreciation for the distinctive flavours of the JOHNNIE WALKER® portfolio.

Experience 1

The pursuits of the Walker family have helped shape a rich heritage, one that befits a Scotch Whisky portfolio of unparalleled quality and bold flavour. You are invited to a special engagement with the World’s Greatest Whisky House—the House of Johnnie Walker.

On August 12th 2009, a select group of members from the House of Johnnie Walker were treated to an incredible night of world-class Scotch tasting in New York City.

Master of Whisky Stephen Wilson led attendees through the inspiring history of JOHNNIE WALKER, each of the blends' unique personalities, and the secrets behind appreciating Scotch properly—all as part of the brand-new House of Johnnie Walker Experience.

Members had the chance to sample all five of the blends, and learned exactly what makes JOHNNIE WALKER the world's best-selling Scotch whisky, from the excellence of its ingredients to its time-tested distillation techniques. Stephen Wilson joined the crowd to give enthusiasts one-on-one attention and unparalleled guidance.

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Experience 1


Those who truly appreciate JOHNNIE WALKER know the difference between quality and quantity. Thanks for enjoying the world’s #1 Scotch whisky responsibly.